5 Fitness Tracking Apps To Help You Stay Healthy

5 Fitness Tracking Apps To Help You Stay Healthy
Image Source: Ilna Club
Image Source: Ilna Club


With the unpredictable scenario concerning protection precautions and regulations at local gyms, many would want to find ways of staying fit at home. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got you protected with the quality fitness apps that will useful resource all of your workout routines and track progress.


1. My Fitness Pal

This one is an all-time preferred for maximum of the fitness experts out there. The motive is that it serves as an all-in-one platform— from formulating meal plans, analysing results, and making plans workout routines to counting your daily calorie intake.
My Fitness Pal has additionally integrated numerous different cardio applications and has hundreds of thousands of meals items saved in its database— making it less complicated for clients to look up calories for any particular food item.

2. 8fit Workouts

This is one of the top picks for people aiming toward losing weight. The utility has onboarded expert nutritionists and trainers to design meal plans and customized workout routines. It additionally includes many 8 to 10-minute exercises that may be completed with minimal equipment.

The pro version for the application also can be purchased, which will help with each day tracking and offer tailored plans each day according to progress.


3. Nike Training Club

The application is definitely one in every of its kind, considering a pioneer of sports wear is immediately associated with it. The interface is one this is extraordinarily clean to use and consists of innovative ways to track progress and work out. The physical activities focus much less on monotonous training techniques and as an alternative offer unique body weight exercises to get you going anywhere and everywhere.

4. JEfit Gymlog

This application mainly goals folks who engage in weight training on the gym. It offers you workout routines which could effortlessly be completed at home with a pair of dumbbells. You by no means experience as though you’re missing out at the gym.

The app additionally functions body stats and workout analytics that can be shared throughout systems for higher tracking.


5. Map My Run By Underarmour

The quality element about this application is that it is able to be integrated with the Apple Watch and you’re under armour shoes. The software program helps music the route and distance you’re taking every time you go out for a run. Users are then provided with figures such as the heart rate, calorie count, and common pace to higher gauge performance.

Also, most functions in this one are free of any cost.


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