The real cause of dry lips is not because of less drinking of water

Dry lips

Dry lips


The real cause of dry lips is not because of less drinking of water..

The delicate red lips become the dream of every woman and become the craze of every man when women have beautiful lips but it’s quite unfortunate if our lips are dry.

Did you know that dry lips peeling is not caused by lack of water.

  • Dry Eyes: Lack of vitamin A, carotene
  • Bad Breath: Lack of vitamin B6, zinc
  • Teeth are not strong: Lack of vitamin A, calcium, iron
  • Dry Lips or Peeling: Lack of vitamin A, vitamin B2
  • Anemia, Cold Hands or Feet: Lack of vitamin B6, folic acid
  • Easy To Get Tired and Unmotivated: Lack of vitamin B1, B2, B6
  • Loss or Hair Problems: vitamin A, vitamin B6, zinc, calcium

Let’s read about the importance of vitamins and substances in our body so that we can avoid any disease especially dry and peeling lips.

1. Ulcer and mouth inflammation: Lack of vitamin B2Ulcer or inflammation is usually caused by a lack of vitamin B2 in the body that can help heal wounds.

Vitamin B2 is very important its role in skin & hair health, but it cannot be stored in the body by itself, therefore nutritious food or supplement is required to complete it perfectly.

Source: Everyday drink at least 250cc of milk, food like peanuts, etc.


2. Weak body: Zinc deficiency Features: Body immunity decreases, appetite loss, slow growth, hair loss, function of condiment will decrease.

If you have a lack of appetite or not eating then it is possible that your body is lacking zinc.

Source: Beef or mutton is rich in zinc content, if you want to eat steak easily. hehehe


3. Eye disease: Lack of vitamin A – Vitamin A is not only an important factor that can take care of eye health, but it is also important for the digestive and respiratory system.

Vitamin A can prevent bacteria or viruses that harm our body.

Therefore when you lack vitamin A, besides your eyes there are bad changes, it can also endanger the respiratory and digestive system.

Source: Every day eat some clams, mustard vegetables or eat liver 1-2 times per week.


4. Easy to get emotional: Lack of iron Iron deficiency not only can cause anemia, but it can also make your emotions very unstable and easily angry and have an erratic temper.

Iron is very important to help our body process red blood cells, especially for women who are on their periods, iron will be more important to increase the freshness of the body and prevent unstable emotions and cause you to continue s in down or gloomy.

Source: Red meat such as beef or goat, chicken eggs, beans, green vegetables, in addition you should also eat a lot of vitamin C which is good for iron absorption.


5. Swollen feet: Lack of potassium – Potassium is very important for regulating the balance of blood and water in the body.

Long-term potassium deficiency can cause arrhythmia, abnormal nervous conditions, such as when you’re dehydrated after sports. Lack of potassium can also cause easy cramps, in the long run it can cause swelling in parts of the body, especially in the legs.

Source: We can add potassium from bananas after sports to prevent cramps, besides fruits and vegetables can also add potassium to the body.


6. Body aches/pain: Lack of vitamin DPeople who are less exposed to sunlight and lack of vitamin D are more likely to experience body aches or aches.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that the body cannot synthesis, so it is very important to meet its needs.Vitamin D is also important for bone and teeth growth.

Source : Consume greasy fish 2 times a week like salmon or sardines, besides that you should also sunbathe in order to get vitamin D, some expert sunlight before 10 am is the suitable time.


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