Coca-Cola Has Just Opened A Flagship Clothing Store in London

Coca-Cola Has Just Opened A Flagship Clothing Store in London

We have been still reeling from the news that Coca-Cola turned into about to launch a pixel-flavoured drink. How does one taste pixels steel? In all of this, there’s any other news bomb which is this international top notch brand Coca Cola has now officially launched a apparel store. Here’s the whole thing you want to know about it:

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What Is The Latest?

The latest news is this store is located on Long Acre in Covent Garden. It is the first of its type of a launch for the brand. However, as everybody are wondering, what does coca-cola sell at its apparel shop….?


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The Shop In Convent

The concept of the store in London is specially conceptual. The shop is said to be a physical manifestation of the brand’s versions over the years. It brings to lifestyles the idea of ‘experiencing the Real Magic of Coca-Cola’.

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The Convent Garden store has been made to sell limited-edition apparel collabs with many Coca-Cola drops. Maybe it’ll begin selling t-shirts that seem like pixels if that’s now no longer out of Coca-Cola’s reach! This conceptual store will actually flesh out Coca-Cola’s brand identification greater, some thing we did not suppose might be possible. However, it is the first beverage brand to open a clothing shop. Mayhaps a few support could do it well?

Has This Been Done Before?

Coca-Cola has really finished some thing comparable earlier than in the US. However, this time around, some of its featured brands will include some UK-based faves and international names. Names like Soho Grit, Alma de Ace, BAPE, Herschel, Staple, BE@RBRICK, and greater will be amongst the stocked. Moreover, reports suggest that there will be a C-C Beverage Bar and customers also can upload a personalized touch to cans on the customization center.

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But if you’re that big of a coke junkie you would possibly want more. If you’re into the full head-to-toe look, the store will offer you hats, bags, tech, and reusable drinkware plus topical collections for Pride. The store additionally intends to expose the brand’s sustainability credentials. Then go ahead, get a brand new trackie top and a refreshing Coke however they’ll make you put the waste in the recycling bins for sure.


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