Adnan Sami Weight Loss From 220 Kg to 75 Kg In Just 16 Months

Adnan Sami Weight Loss From 220 Kg to 75 Kg In Just 16 Months

Adnan Sami Weight Loss From 220 Kg to 75 Kg In Just 16 Months


Weight loss journeys are continually motivating, as we all seem for that one transformation story that can help us go in the direction of our health goal. Losing weight can be difficult however it is no longer impossible. Singer Adnan Sami has been trending and grabbing interest on social media for his big weight loss transformation. The singer, who as soon as used to weigh round 220 kg, now weighs sixty five kilos and he is unrecognizable.

Taking to social media, Adnan Sami posted photographs from his Maldives vacation. The singer captioned the picture – “Just Chilling,” and referred to as the seaside vacation spot a ‘paradise’. Haven’t checked the photograph yet? HERE, take a look:

He appears unrecognizable is not it? Soon, after the submit went viral, amazed followers showered love for the singer. One remark reads – “can’t accept as true with my eyes…huge changes…๐Ÿ˜ฎ”. Another fan wrote – “Who are you even? Nd how can anyone flip THAT HOT?”

Sneak Peek Into Andan Sami’s Maldives Vacation
Well, this is no longer it, Adnan Sami has posted greater snap shots from his vacation, take a look at them here:–PLUM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


The singer shared every other jaw losing photo on his Instagram profile in which he can be considered playing Japanese delicacies with his children, whilst on a household holiday. He captioned the picture – “Lunch at the famous Mar-Umi restaurant. Incredible Peruvian & Japanese cuisine!! Just WOW!!๐Ÿ˜˜.”


What Is Adnan Sami’s Weight Loss Secret?

In an interview, the singer stated that he did not endure any weight loss surgical procedures to get rid of these more kilos, as an alternative he was once put on a strict food plan with the aid of his coach which helped him control his weight. “Task of shedding weight was once 80% psychological and solely 20% physical. I was once on a high-protein weight loss plan no oil, no sugar, and well, plenty of will power,” Adnan Sami advised a main information organisation.

The Turning Point

Adnan Sami underwent surgical operation for lymphedema in the yr 2005. Post his surgery, the medical doctors suggested him to remain on entire mattress rest. Due to obesity, the fats beneath his muscle pushed in opposition to his lungs and he had subject in breathing. This is when the docs warned the singer that he would stay solely for 6 greater months if he would now not reduce down his weight.

Adnan Sami’s Diet

In an interview, the singer published his weight-reduction plan that helped him lose weight. He stated that the coach requested him to observe a low-calorie eating regimen which excluded white rice, bread and different junk foods. He was once suggested to consume solely salads, fish and boiled dal.

The singer used to begin his day with a cup of sugar much less tea and for lunch he used to devour veggie salad and some component of fish (protein source). For dinner Adnan Sami used to devour undeniable boiled dal or hen barring any rice or roti. The singer additionally stated that he used to be allowed to consume home-made popcorn for snacks.

Adnan Sami’s Workout Routine

Adnan Sami used to be struggling from obesity, which is why he could not go to the gym. However, after dropping 40kgs, the singer was once put on a treadmill and was once suggested to do mild exercises. His exercising movements also consisted of electricity education and cardio workouts (6 days a week).

Adnan Sami says it all relies upon on your dedication and yes, he is right.


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