A day in the life: Shah Rukh Khan treats fans to a candid BTS video on set

Superstar Shahrukh Khan knows how to please his fans, and posted a three-minute-long video on his page in which he shows us exactly what he gets up to in ‘real’ life, as leaves for work and goes around the set of his shoot.

Apologising for glitches due to a issues with signal strength (celebrities have phone woes too!), a dishevelled Shahrukh does come up with a fun video. “This was supposed to be done in a controlled environment!” he says. “But I couldn’t…”

Leaving for shoot in his car he introduces everyone including his chauffer and crew members. He also informs us that he is two hours late for the shoot and heads to the makeup artists who are waiting for him.

Joking around, the actor plays the famous song ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ from his film Dil Se as everyone busts a move to the beat as he later cuts to the actual set which is basically a train station.

Although the set of the shoot is not told in the video, it might be assumed that it might be from, Fan because the actor recently shared his sentiments on a ‘kinda wrap up of Fan’

Shahrukh, who has been uploading quite a few videos lately, seems to be happy with this new way to connect with his fans. The star doesn’t refrain from talking to his fans and often his replies are full of wit and humour.